Social Referral

Increase employee referrals, build your company brand and encourage employee engagement through a mobile-first social network.

What Does SocialReferral Do?

Increase Referrals by Leveraging the Power of Your Employees' Networks

SocialReferral helps you expand your reach by making it easy for employees to share jobs with their personal networks. It automates referral and bonus tracking, saving you time and helping you reward engaged employees.

Share Your Authentic Brand Story by Empowering Your Employees /strong>

SocialReferral’s social network empowers employees to share their work experiences. The result? An authentic brand that attracts and resonates with job seekers.


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How Can SocialReferral Help You?


Boost Your Company Referral Program

Create or enhance your existing employee referral program by making it easy for employees to share job postings--and then automatically reward them for it.

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Build An Authentic Employee Brand

Put your brand story in the hands of your employees. Having real people who live the brand every day gives your brand more credibility.

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Get Started Quickly With Seamless Integration

SocialReferral integrates with certain ATS platforms and can sync to your career site to pull in candidates and track referrals automatically.

Engage Employees With A Mobile-First Social Network

Mobile-first platform empowers employees to easily create and share content and job postings with their external networks. Competitions and rewards incentivize employees to use the tool.

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Increase Your Reach

Expand your audience by giving your employees the ability to share company content on their external social networks.

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Save Time With CareerBuilder's Dedicated Community Managers

The tool comes with dedicated community managers who spend at least 2 hours a week helping you run your Ambassador program.