Hiring Events

Clickology combines industry-leading sourcing with paid media – attracting top talent to virtual and in-person events.
It’s a one-stop shop for candidate introductions, events, and interview setup. Complete with project management support.


Increase event ROI by 300%.

Heighten efficiency and reduce your cost per hire with CareerBuilder’s managed hiring event model. Our proprietary, customized microsite technology allows for automated application, scheduling and reporting. Increasing your event ROI, exposure and applicant flow by, you guessed it, 300%.

Attract candidates to both virtual and in-person events./strong>

Our team of experts will help you launch, promote and manage hiring events. Plus, whether you choose to have a virtual event or in-person, you will have full ownership of registrant information so you can re-engage after the event.

What can you expect with a hiring event?

Companies With Over 100 Employees

How Can Talent Network Help You?


Attract The Right Candidates

Our project team leverages a comprehensive paid media strategy to multiple internal and external sources simultaneously to drive and attract both active and passive candidates to the top of the funnel.

Qualify Candidates

We use customized screener and knock-out questions to gather candidate details and qualify candidates for the event.

Convert Candidates To Applicants

We convert 3x more applicants through our optimized, mobile friendly apply process.

Engage Candidates

We use customized text and email auto-reminders to stay connected to candidates and increase event show rate.